We are Toronto based Wedding Photographers &  videographers that love to tell your stories. We love good speeches, hearty laughs, teary eyes, and crazy dance moves.


Hi there, I’m Boeun (pronounced “boe-un”) or you can just call me Bo. I know how important photography and videography is for you as I have planned my own wedding not too long ago.  Having graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from  OCADU, my background in art continues to play an important role in my photographic style, in the way I compose my photographs, edit the colours, and yearn to capture authentic emotions.

If you don’t know it already, I’m a big dog lover and if I could I probably would have a house full of them (rescue dogs for sure!). As well, I have a tendency to experience wanderlust when I’m home and homesick when I’m away.

I would love to meet with you and your significant other and get to know you better over coffee!  You can also get to know me via my Insta Stories @boeunkimstudio

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What is documentary style photography? Do you pose us at all?

A true documentary photographer or photojournalist does not pose people, but they may ask you to stand in a certain spot for lighting or to include a specific background. Therefore, to capture a photograph that conveys emotion, first you must be comfortable showing your emotions with your significant other. Above all, I would say 80% of my photographs are photojournalistic. I love to capture events as they unfold organically, but I also enjoy capturing couples by themselves by giving them some guidance.

What equipments do you use?

When I take photographs, I shoot with Canon 5d mark iv & Sony a7rii using either 35mm, 50mm or 100mm lenses and Yongnuo flash. I find that I'm loving my mirrorless camera more I use it!

As for film, we shoot with Sony a7rii, Sony a7sii, Sony 6500 with varying lenses 28mm, 24-70mm, 85mm. We have Zhiyun Crane for moving shots, LED light, Tascam recorder to pull sound out of DJ's soundboard, Lav Mics for the groom and officiant, Tripods and Monopod. In another word, we have backups for cameras and backups for sound. Additionally, we DO NOT take risks with technology no matter what!

What if you cannot make it to our wedding?

* Knock on wood * IF something does happen to one of us, there are two other videographers or one photographer that can take over. As well, I have trusted photographers or videographers we work with consistently that I would hire as our replacement if a need arise. Therefore, for this reason we don't book more than one wedding a day!

Do we tip you?

Totally unnecessary! But thank you for even considering. Rather the best type of compliment we can ask for is a positive review on our Facebook page or Google page. That would totally make our day shine so bright! :D

How will you dress for my wedding?

We believe in looking professional. So that means we won't be dressed like we're going to a Sunday BBQ in t-shirts and flip flops. We will dress for the weather and in work-smart style. For example, you will find us in dress shirts, dress pants, dress shoes for the guys; and dresses, skirts, and blouse for the girls.

Do we feed you?

If our coverage is longer than six hours, yes please! We also advise to have our dinner served at the same time as you so we don't miss any key moments. However, we are always on the lookout for capturing people laughing and crying!

How long will it take for me to receive my photographs? films?

You can expect to receive your wedding photographs anywhere between 4-12 weeks. And sometimes even faster! It all depends on how busy we are, but I do understand that you want your photos while the excitement is still there! However for wedding films, we deliver the highlights first within 4-8 weeks and the full feature film will follow sometime 4-6 months after the wedding has taken place.

How will I receive my photos/films?

You will receive an online gallery for photographs where you can download the high resolution quality + USB flash drive.

For films, you will receive the highlight first online and once your full feature film is complete, we will mail you a USB flash drive containing your highlight, full feature film, and other additional footage if it is part of your package.

Why does it take so long to receive the wedding film?

Each wedding and couples are different and I don't believe in creating the same cookie cutter film productions one after another. We take all elements of what makes a good film amazing and carefully craft our film to tell your story.

What is your film editing process?

We believe that the visual, voice, and music must all come together to make a great film. First, we consider who you are and how the day unfolded. Next, we will select anywhere between 4-5 potential music, play it against a rough cut of your film then narrow down to one. After the final selection, we create your film around that music piece. Music tells a story too and we don't just slap on footage one after another. Finally, we review the finished film with all 3 members and tweak it until we are proud of our work. Although we may not be perfect, we constantly strive for the best from each other.

Who is your second shooter and videographers?

I am the primary photographer and videographer.

Sophia is my second shooter for photography and videography. As well, she is our resident film editing master. She has a vision and she works her magic! She has a talent for telling beautiful stories and knack for choosing music and audio that tells your story perfectly.

Simon is our 3rd videographer or assistant depending on the job. As well, he is our tech guy. He will run around and find the officiant or the groom to place the lav mic, and meet with the DJ to connect sound to our recorder.

Are you guys related?

Yes, we are a family. Simon is my husband and Sophia is my sister. :D

What do you guys do for fun?

Does eating out count? Because we will go out for food a lot! We're trying to work on cooking more (*looks at Simon*) at home. However, I would love to say one day we love to cook, but we're not there yet! Additionally, I love to practice calligraphy while Simon plays his game. I love hot yoga and I'm always trying to convince Simon to try it!

Do you have more info about your team members?

We sure do! Head over to our About page! Link above on the navigation menu!