If you’ve been to few weddings in the last few years in Toronto, you’ve most likely come across photobooths at the reception. They’re fun and it keeps the guests entertained, but often we don’t know what to do with the photos as they’re too small to really frame, and colours can fade over time. Well, Portraits on White is a whole new way of looking at a photo booth that keeps your photos looking gorgeous, timeless, and totally frame worthy! I’ve noticed Portraits on White over the last few years, and its popularity is definitely soaring! If you haven’t noticed already, Portraits on White keeps everything looking timeless by editing in black & white, and you can definitely frame more than one to create a beautiful and unified wall art.

I love minimalist portraits, and hands down they shoot the prettiest photo booth photos!

“This minimalistic approach enables us to capture things that are far from gimmick-y like a good belly laugh between age-old friends; a sweet look between a new bride and groom; a rare kiss between grandma and grandpa … moments that are worthy of being printed and displayed alongside your most cherished memories.” – Portraits on White

Few more details on their services:

  • no gimmicks, meaning no silly props (they’re keeping it classy!)
  • real seasoned photographer on site who care about your memories!
  • they print BIG, no dinky filmstrips, oh and they are retouched by the technician!
  • prices begin at $1000 but they’re now offering $500 discount before Dec 31! Go snatch this deal! Remember this is not just a entertainment, but an investment! Can I seriously crash your wedding so I can get this beautiful portrait on white?? 😀

See http://www.portraitsonwhite.com for more sample photos and detailed info!

If you had Portraits on White at your wedding, what did you love about it? I’d love to hear more about your experience and see your photographs! Email me at hello@boeunkim.com


Portraits on White Portraits on White Portraits on White Portraits on White Portraits on White Portraits on White