Scarborough Bluffs is a very popular spot in Toronto for Engagement sessions and other lifestyle sessions. There is this one spot that is my usual go-to spot, but as fate would have it, access to this area was closed for landscaping/construction. However, it was probably the best thing to happen to us because we had a completely different perspective to work with and it came out a lot better than I planned for. Sometimes we can make as much plan as possible, but wedding photographers have to be flexible enough to work with any given situation.

I first met Justine & Henrick through an engagement session giveaway on Instagram (if you aren’t following me, you really should!). Usually I don’t have any location or particular shots in mind, but instead I focus on the connection between the couple and create a fun experience! I love experimenting and this day was perfect for it. We had snow, wind, and fog – it really couldn’t have gotten any better! I’m the type of person/photog who EMBRACES these unexpected weather. Rain on your wedding day? LOVE IT! Just bring a clear or matching umbrella. We will rock it so hard you will LOVE them even more!

So the lesson here is, keep an open mind because you never know what gem you might get out of an unexpected weather and location!

Although I’ve been to Scarborough Bluffs for engagement sessions few times, the photos are always different because of the weather and I’m always trying to see in a new perspective. Another place I love within a driving distance that provide a more adventurous experience is Elora Gorge, check out the engagement session I shot there here. If you are planning your engagement session and still unsure about locations, just just contact your photographer and ask them for suggestions!