Primary shooter & photo editor

Hey there! I’m Bo, and I’m the primary photographer based out of Toronto. 

  • I’ve watched Friends on rerun at least 3 times. 
  • I studied fine art from OCAD, majoring in drawing and painting. My other passion is studying the human form (life drawing and portraiture).
  • I’m a self confessed coffee addict. I traded coffee with coconut water and sparkling water these days!
  • I’ve lived abroad in Italy and South Korea and I encourage people to travel and really immerse themselves in the culture!
Meet our team
Second Shooter & Film Editor

Sophia is our editing master. She is very attentive to detail and spends countless hours crafting your wedding film. Furthermore, she is a visionary when it comes to storytelling.  She’s a perfectionist – settling down goes against all her beliefs.  

Meet our team Sophia
Charlie & Tiramisu

Our constant companion behind the scene: Tiramisu & Charlie.

Tiramisu (white) is a Maltese, a rescue dog from Korea that I adopted while teaching there in 2008. He is the happiest dog and loves everyone he meets. As well he loves being on your lap. Although he may be 12, he still looks like a puppy! Charlie (black and white) is almost 3 years old. He lovveees playing fetch and can out play you any day. Also, he is quite the sweet one and keeps Tiramisu young through his youthful energy.

Meet our team - Fur babies