About us

Meet our team: Boeun, Sophia, and Simon. We love our fur babies, eating out, and staying cool.

Primary shooter & photo editor

Hi there, I’m Boeun (pronounced “boe-un”) or you can just call me Bo if you haven’t already read my intro on the home page. I’m the primary photographer and videographer based out of Toronto. Aside from my love of photography & film, I dabble with new hobbies like calligraphy and crocheting. I constantly tell myself that I need to paint or draw more, but I’m quite happy finding my creative outlet with photography & film at the moment!

As you can see, we love our fur babies – Tiramisu & Charlie.


Meet our team
Second Shooter & Film Editor

Sophia is our editing master. She is very attentive to detail and spends countless hours crafting your wedding film. Furthermore, she is a visionary when it comes to storytelling. Having studied film and design in school, she’s able to apply all her learning. She’s a perfectionist – settling down goes against all her beliefs.


Meet our team Sophia
3rd videographer & assistant

Simon is sometimes our 3rd videographer or assistant. He allows us to work efficiently throughout the day. He is responsible for taking care of all audio setups and making sure everything goes smooth – from finding the officiant and the groom to put a lav mic prior to ceremony, to finding the DJ to pull sound out of their soundboard. Essentially, we believe that quality of audio can make a huge difference in a good wedding film. We believe in having backups for backups.

Photo Credit: Andrew Ho

Meet our team Simon
Charlie & Tiramisu

Our constant companion behind the scene: Tiramisu & Charlie.

Tiramisu (white) is a Maltese, a rescue dog from Korea that I adopted while teaching there in 2008. He is the happiest dog and loves everyone he meets. As well he loves being on your lap. Although he may be 11, he still looks like a puppy!

Charlie (black and white) is almost 1 years old. He lovveees playing fetch and can out play you any day. Also, he is quite the sweet one and keeps Tiramisu young through his youthful energy.

Meet our team - Fur babies